Goatic Cheese

Goat cheese from Őrség

Place of Origin

Őrség  - like Provence in France - is a cultural and gastronomic area in the southwest of Hungary. A land of gentle hills, streams, pine forests and alder groves, peat bogs, marshlands and the beautiful meandering River Rába. There are pretty villages with traditional timber-framed, whitewashed peasant houses, thatched wooden belfries, infused with the traditional pottery. Thanks to the favorable subalpine climate Őrség is home of culinary treats like delicious cheese.

Organic Farming

Agricultural engineer Attila Buzas has been committed to goats farming and creating extraordinary cheese for over 25 years in Magyarszombatfa located in the Őrség region. Goats are kept in a fully organic environment, under careful health supervison. The small family run farm gained the Best Hungarian Cheese Manufacturer Award in 2005. His delightful cheeses are displayed on the menus of several high rated hotels and cafés in Budapest. Attila's cheese was involved in the Hungarian chefs' menu at 2015 Bocuse d'Or Gala Dinner in Lyon. 
The farm is open to visitors all year round and nobody has left with an empty stomach yet.

Divine Cheese

Cheeses from the organic farm contain no additives just unpasteurised raw goat milk, rennet, sea salt, moulds, herbs. As they are hand shaped, individual weights may vary. Store in a cool place but consume at room temperature to enjoy the full taste melting in the mouth like chocolate!

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Saint Ladislaus


This cylindrical goats cheese speciality has an internal straw support. Besides the surface the blue mould spreads along the straw stick  intensifying the spicy taste.

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Spicy Rózsahegy


A truncated cone shaped slighty matured goats cheese with rubbed in herbs. Below the thin rind the dense and tasty texture becomes more creamy as time develops. After a couple of weeks the white mould interweaves the pieces of herbs. Try it with Rosé wine!

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Blue and rouge moulds give this delicious goats cheese a racy flavour. The rind is edible and the cheese is perfect for a grill. Created in a classical round shape reaching 1,000 g.

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Our signature creation. Thanks to the blue mould this matured truncated cone shaped goats cheese presents a distinctive flavour. The rind is more than edible. Best with full-bodied red wine like Cabernet Savignon.
Chevrett is perfect for grill with some drops of olive oil. The grilled cheese is divine accompanied by orange or apricot jam and sweet wine like Tokaji Aszú or Porto.

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Mild Pepper


Fresh goats cheese pellet slightly matured by rouge mould  and coated with mixed pepper to enhance sight and flavour.

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Garlic Coated


Garlic in jacket. A hidden clove of garlic in the center of this truncated cone shaped cheese gives a moderate garlic flavour. During ripening the cheese's surface enjoys washings in pumkin seed oil.

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Spicy Őrség


An exquisite flavour from the blend of ripened cheese and delicious pumpkin seed oil. Best enjoy on crispy brown bread or as a tasty addition to your salad. You may prefer to make it lighter by adding some olive oil.

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Photos: inyes.hu & orseg.info


Gastro show

Attila and his farm had an apperance in the gastro TV show called 'Gasztroangyal' aired in the Hungarian television.



Suzuki's creative web spot about Őrség region includeing cuts from the farm.